The Wanderer @ FPL

  • special project

I was honored to have been asked to lead a group of teens in our community in a graphic design workshop this summer at the Fayetteville Public Library. Our assignment was to design the library's youth literary journal, called The Wanderer. Equipped with a sweet new mac lab loaded with Adobe Creative Suite, I helped them discover the beginnings of the computer as a design school, how to develop a concept, and apply the elements of good publication design. Each student designed a logo or type treatment of The Wanderer, they designed a poem and their own vector self-portrait. The end result is a one-of-a kind journal that combines design on the computer with the craft quality of a hand-bound book. The piece was put together with aluminum screw posts and spine covers sourced from recycled craft paper. The students contributed from concept to production. It was a really great experience. The class met MTW afternoons and will be introduced to the library and community with a pizza party and reveal in the fall.