Cover of LogoLounge 7


Logo for the “Read Aloud” program at the Fayetteville Public Library. Designed in 2011.

Regine Stefan’s write up on the Read Aloud logo on the judges page.

Logo for Aspire. (top right) Designed while Senior Designer at DOXA. ©doxa.

Logo Lounge 7 accepted entries

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I was delighted to hear a while back that LogoLounge 7 had accepted 2 of my entries for their edition that came out this month. What's even better, is the logo for the Read Aloud program was selected by one of eight judges, Regine Stefan of VentureThree in London, as her favorite of all the entries. For LogoLounge 7, there were 34,000 entries and 2000 were picked. 8 judges made up the panel. Very cool!