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Boston Mountain Solid Waste District

  • brand identity

It was a delight to work with Boston Mountain Solid Waste District on their rebranding efforts. With as much good as they do in our community and opportunities they have to expose the brand, they were excited for a fresh look. The identity design process was thoughtful and energetic as their team proved to be great collaborators. Though there were several initial contenders, the chosen mark rose to the top for its nod to recycling and our native (and namesake) mountains and the vibrant, yet organic color gradient applied. BMSWD services our community through education, resources and all things responsible waste management in the neighboring Madison and Washington counties in Arkansas. They are a wonderful resource for our region and it was an honor to be a part of this process. #disposewisely

The new website design and development was one of the more robust parts of extending the brand. Working with the developers at Red Sun Software once again, we narrowed in on a custom cms platform with a hybrid 1-page design. This suited a site with this amount of information well. Site features include an easy to use an update events calendar, a search and find feature used to locate recycling drop off centers and a blog.